Jericho Educational Foundation Unveils Gift

October 31, 2008 · Filed Under Projects 

The Jericho Educational Foundation held a ribbon ceremony to unveil its gift to the school district of two electronic scoreboards for the soccer and lacrosse fields. Among those who attended the ceremony were the school’s superintendent Hank Grishman, Assistant Superintendent Barbara Bauer, Curriculum Associate Nancy Sammis, and the JEF board. The girl’s varsity soccer team was present and thanked the JEF for its donation.

Many people worked tirelessly to organize the scoreboards. Jess Rudolph, member of the JEF board of trustees, said “We knew these scoreboards were needed after listening to many community members and parents. We wanted to enhance the district where we could. We couldn’t have done so without the tireless effort of Tim Almeida and his crew. The Feinstein family’s donation of steel as well as donations from several generous families helped make this gift possible.”

One parent commented on how much more enjoyable the games are now that “we can see the score and time from the stand.”

The JEF supports all interest of the students and helps to provide the best equipment possible so that the students do what they love to do – make great friends along with great memories that will last a lifetime.


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