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The Jericho Educational Foundation Initiative Project just awarded 5 grants (one grant was split to allow for a smaller additional grant to be added).  We had 16 applicants and we awarded one to Seaman, one to Jackson, two to the Middle School and two to the High School.

The following received the grants:

1) Jaqueline O’Neill – Robert Seaman Elementary School, Science Department

Title: Integration of STEM into the Science Program at Robert Seaman Elementary School

To be used for the purchase of STEM materials and equipment which would benefit all the students in K-4 at Seaman. The materials would reflect the essence of STEM and foster the students’ genuine excitement and enthusiasm for both science and engineering.

Grant total: $2500

2)Todd Benjamin – High School, School social worker

Title: The Syn-Nap Center at Cafe 126

A new school initiative designed to utilize current brain based science to reduce student stress, improve social and cognitive skills and introduce students to alternative snacks for improved health and well-being.

Grant total:$2500

3)Shana Kotlus and Erin Motkin, Jackson, Special Education

Title: Smart Tables

The SMART table is an interactive learning tool geared toward elementary school students. It’s a built in computer containing special software. It allows educators to customize lessons/activities towards the individual needs and skill level of each student. For students with disabilities, this will be particularly helpful.

Grant total:$2500

4) Joanne Verdino and Casey Snyder – Middle school, BRAVE Program

Title: Olweus Bully Prevention Program Class Meetings: Flexible Seating Initiative for Collaborative Learning.

OBPP is a comprehensive, school-wide program designed and evaluated for use in all school levels. The program’s goals are to reduce and prevent bullying problems among children, improve the social climate of classrooms, and contribute to student’ social and emotional development. The grant will be used to purchase books, resources, materials and “Back Jack” floor chairs to enable them to hold class meetings in a more flexible, collaborative manner.

Grant total:$2000

5A) Suzanne Valenza and Denise Ryder, High School, JerEcho Co-advisors

Title: Spreading the News To Increase Our Sense of Community and Spirit

To increase interest in the JerEcho, the journal of school life in Jericho, they are seeking to install ipads in secure display stands within the school that will only display the JerEcho and allow users to approach the stand and interact with the ipad. They will be able to watch video broadcasts, listen to audio reports and podcasts, view photo essays and read articles contained in each JerEcho edition.

Grant total: $1500

5B)Maureen Judge – Middle School, Reading Teacher

(In theory, grant #5 was split and we were able to award a small additional grant)

Title: Cartoon Making for Learning

For purchase of a wonderful on-line comic strip making program called which allows students to become cartoonists and writers, thus moving them from merely reading graphic novels and comics to becoming cartoonists and writers themselves.

Grant total $300

Congratulations to all our recipients!

The winners will be awarded their grants at the October 17, 2013 Board Meeting.


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